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Ute Engel


Ute Engel mit Angel

Agnes-Miegel-Weg 8a

D-47475 Kamp-Lintfort

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Mail: info@ausbildung-diabetikerwarnhund.de

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  • Ana

    Reply Reply 21. März 2016


    Our 4 year old son, Matej, is diagnozed with dibates mellitus. We are interested in getting a dog that we plan to train as diabetic dog. We live in Sindelfingen now, just moved from Croatia so our German is not so good.

    What is the best time to train a dog, at what age, and how much does it cost for you to train him?

    Best regards
    Ana Drmić

    • Ute Engel

      Reply Reply 22. März 2016

      Hello Ana,
      Thank you for your request. there are different ways to come to a diabetic alert dog. The prerequisite is that you have a dog and the basic obedience work. The actual training should begin from about 15 months. But the issue is about here too complex to write anything. You may call me to also love.
      Ute Engel

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